Getting Botox® at your Dentist’s office

In more recent times, mentioning Botox® brings to mind a gathering of friends, some sparkling drinks and a visiting practitioner who will smooth the wrinkles of everyone present.

It’s seen more as a social experience than a medical treatment so it’s not surprising that you may not equate Botox® with a trip to the dentist. But when you think about it, who is better equipped to administer Botox® injections to the maxillofacial area than a dentist?

Dentists routinely perform complex procedures on the mouth and jaw and are more than capable of injecting plumping agents into a patient’s lips or lines. It seems obvious to trust yourself to a medical professional whose area of expertise includes the face and jaw.

Cosmetic dentistry like teeth whitening, straightening and veneers have been accepted as part and parcel of general dentistry for many years so expanding the boundary to such nontraditional practices as Botox® injections seems like a logical step forward.

Botox® as a Dental Treatment

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, dentures help prevent problems that arise from losing teeth.

In fact, Botox® is useful as a dental treatment, not just a cosmetic procedure. Due to the nature of the botulinum toxin, it can help treat dental issues stemming from the facial muscles such as bruxism (teeth grinding), teeth clenching, neuralgia pain and other disorders of the jaw. It can also be used to improve the aesthetic of the mouth in patients who have high lip lines, deep labionasal folds etc.

While it varies by state, in general, dentists must have specific training on Botox® injections in order to offer treatment to their patients.

This means that an already qualified medical professional will have had even more education and procedural training, just another reason to emphasize why Botox® and dentistry seem like a perfect fit.

Now that many years of research on the botulinum toxin have been carried out, its usefulness in more than just smoothing procedures has been realized. Surely the natural home for the injection of Botox® into the facial area, especially around the mouth, is at the dentist?

An increasing number of dentists are seeing the benefits of adding this effective service to their practices and it certainly makes sense.