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Get in touch with Meridian Dental when you need tooth crowns in Wasilla AK. Make one less trip with our same-day crown appointments!

What is a Tooth Crown? (When Would I Need One?)
A tooth crown is a durable cap that’s fitted over an entire tooth to protect fragile teeth from breaking more. For patients with cracked or weakened teeth, a dental crown is a good solution for supporting teeth without needing to remove them. Often patients will get a tooth crown after undergoing a root canal as a way to protect the vulnerable and brittle tooth.

These permanent CEREC crowns resemble natural teeth, and can be made out of porcelain, ceramic, metal and other strong materials.

Traditionally, fitting a tooth crown required two separate appointments at a dental office, one to create an impression for the crown and another after the permanent crown has finished being sculpted at a dental laboratory. In between those appointments a temporary crown is placed over the decaying or broken tooth until it can be replaced with the permanent tooth crown.

However, new technologies like the Cerec Primemill now allow dentists, including your local Meridian Dental, to provide same-day crowns to patients.

What Are Same-Day Crowns?
Same-day crowns are tooth crowns sculpted out of the same materials as traditional permanent crowns. Only instead of needing a temporary crown while you wait for the crown to be completed, you get your permanent crown that very same appointment!

The process begins in a similar fashion, starting with initial tooth preparation where our dentist will clear away any decay and shape the tooth to fit inside the crown. We will then scan your teeth with our advanced 3D scanner, the Sirona Cerec Primescan to create a digital mold that is used to sculpt your tooth crown right there and then in our dental office.

No extra visits required, no temporary crown to replace. Just the same tooth crown created in half the time thanks to the latest technology.

Meridian Dental’s Same-Day Crown Technology
When you come to Meridian Dental to receive your same-day crowns, you can expect the same high quality tooth crowns you would get from crowns sculpted at a dental lab. The technology we use in our dental office provides state-of-the-art solutions for your convenience.

  • 3D Scanning: The Sirona Cerec Primescan, our 3D scanner removes the need for making a physical mold or a temporary tooth crown, shortening the process for receiving your crown. The digital mold, created with computer-aided design (CAD), is transferred to the Cerec Primemill, our in-office milling machine, that recreates the image as a tangible tooth crown using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).
  • High Quality Materials: The same ceramic used in dental labs is used to carve out your same-day crowns in our dental office. They are sturdy and carefully sculpted to fit the precise dimensions needed.
  • Mirror Imaging: We’ll create a tooth crown that’s a mirror image of the corresponding tooth on the other side of your mouth, for an even more natural-looking fit.
  • Color Matching: Your same-day crown will also match the same shade as your other teeth. We carry several ceramic shades in our office so that we can offer a more accurate match.

Finely-Crafted Tooth Crowns that Save You Time

Get your tooth crown appointment done in one day with same-day crowns from Meridian Dental, perfect for patients that have to travel a long distance for their dental care or that have busy schedules! With our advanced CAD and CAM technologies, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

Take the hassle out of tooth crown fittings and schedule an appointment with Meridian Dental today! Contact our dental office in Wasilla AK to receive your same-day crowns.

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