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Root canal treatment is a procedure used to preserve a tooth with infected nerves (also referred to as “pulp”) or severe tooth decay. A root canal is performed to clean out the infected pulp, and sterilize the canals of the tooth. After the infection is remedied, the canal is filled to prevent further damage or infection. Crowns are usually recommended after a root canal therapy has been performed.

When is a Root Canal Necessary?
Root canal treatment is pertinent when the cavity has made its way to the pulp through negligence. Sometimes trauma or deep restorations may cause damage to the nerve on a level that a root canal is necessary as well.

When this occurs, the pulp gets infected and may even spread through the root tip and deteriorate the surrounding bone. This is called an abscess. When the pulp is infected, it must be medically treated as it will not heal on its own. This can even debilitate the immune system. This is a severe health threat and can be very painful. However, in some cases symptoms are not detectable until a check up is done.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?
While the root canal itself may be extremely painful for patients, the treatment for the infection or abscess is not. There is a negative connotation surrounding root canal treatments, but with modern advances the procedure is not painful like it once was. It is similar to other restorative dental procedures.

At Meridian Dental in Wasilla, AK, we’ll make sure that you feel comfortable during your root canal procedure. We use local anesthesia that numbs the specific area where we will be performing the root canal treatment. Sit back in our new massage dental chairs and even watch a movie during your procedure! In the upcoming months, our dental office also will offer IV sedation so that you can rest and relax during your root canal treatment.

After receiving anesthesia and numbing the area, our dentist will clean the tooth and its roots, removing all traces of infection and decay. We will place antibiotics in the area to prevent additional infection and fill in the abscess. You will then be fitted for and receive a temporary crown while a permanent tooth crown that matches your other teeth is being created in a dental laboratory.

Often root canal treatment is the best solution for preserving teeth with infection or excessive decay. Left untreated and patients will have to undergo more procedures to remove and replace the decayed teeth.

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