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Fillings refer to a dental procedure performed to remove tooth decay, and replace the altered tooth structure. Most often fillings are used to rebuild areas affected by cavities. If cavity decay is detected and treated early on, the procedure is painless and easy. However, if it’s unattended for too long, the decay can lead to infection, pain, canal treatment, or extraction.

Cavities usually don’t exhibit any symptoms when they first start forming. But as the decay gets worse, you may begin to experience these signs of cavities:

  • Sensitive teeth (especially when they come in contact with hot, cold, or sweet substances)
  • Sudden tooth pain without visible cause
  • Pain as patient bites down on other teeth or food
  • Black, white, or brown discoloration on the tooth
  • Irregular, uneven surface or visible holes

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t wait to visit Meridian Dental for tooth fillings in Wasilla AK. Or schedule an appointment for an annual tooth cleaning where our dentist can uncover new cavities before they cause further problems.

What can I Expect from my Fillings Appointment?
Our dentist, Dr. Kris Gurr, will clean and numb the area, removing tooth decay in preparation for filling the cavity or broken tooth. Once filled, we will polish down the hardened filling so that your bite fits comfortably, right where it should be.

Fillings come in several varieties, the most common being silver fillings and composite fillings. Traditionally, silver fillings have been used for filling gaps and cavities found in molars and other teeth closer to the back of the mouth. Silver fillings are not very pleasing to look at, but were stronger than previous composite fillings that couldn’t hold up against so much chewing.

What are Composite Fillings?
In modern dentistry, most teeth are treated with colored composite resin fillings. Even back teeth and molars can now use composite fillings with modern advances that strengthen the composite resin.

Silver fillings have a noticeably weaker structure than today’s composite fillings and can wear down over time. When this happens, it’s possible for additional cavities to form. Composite fillings bond with your teeth to strengthen the entire structure of the tooth and fit more comfortably. We carry several composite fillings with various levels of durability and uses.

Perhaps best of all, composite fillings also come in different tooth-colored shades! They blend in nicely so no one can tell that you have gotten fillings. Composite fillings also won’t stain or discolor your teeth like silver fillings sometimes do.

Schedule Your Appointment!
For a beautiful smile and healthier teeth, schedule an appointment with Meridian Dental in Wasilla AK today! Don’t hesitate to contact us, especially when you experience sudden tooth pain or other signs of cavities and potential tooth decay.

Call our dental office or fill out our appointment form to schedule a time for your fillings appointment!

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