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TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint located at the back of your jaw. TMJ disorder (or TMD) is when that jaw joint suffers pain from misalignment or inflammation. These issues can be caused by malalignment of the teeth, excess muscle tension, or trauma.

Don’t wait to receive TMJ treatment when you start noticing signs of TMD! The longer you hold off on scheduling an appointment with a dentist, the worse your symptoms can become, sometimes leading to even further complications. Call Meridian Dental today to receive the care you need for long-lasting relief.

What are Symptoms of TMJ Disorder?
If you are suffering from TMD, you may experience some of these common symptoms:

  • Earaches
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty opening and closing the mouth
  • Pain in jaw muscles
  • Soreness in the area and sometimes in the face
  • Popping or clicking of jaw

Some patients experiencing symptoms of TMJ disorder only experience pain occasionally. In these cases, less treatment is needed, such as simple jaw exercises. But in other cases, when pain is reoccurring, other measures should be taken so that the patient no longer suffers.

Schedule a consultation appointment with our dental office to talk with our dentist about the severity of your TMJ pain. Based on your symptoms, noninvasive test results, and medical history, we’ll diagnose the level of your TMJ disorder to determine the best form of treatment for you.

What TMJ Treatments are Available to Me?
If your TMD is caused by excessive teeth grinding, our dentist may recommend plastic mouthpieces for TMJ treatment. These mouthpieces are custom designed to fit your mouth, and are used to prevent further grinding and clenching which only exacerbate the problem. They will also help lessen the pressure put on these areas near the joint and relax surrounding muscles.

When TMD causes inflammation in the jaw, patients may be prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, including over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen. TMJ disorder is also sometimes linked to high levels of anxiety that will cause a patient to develop a teeth grinding or clenching habit. Again, plastic protective mouthpieces may be the best treatment or prescribed anti-anxiety medication.

For patients with misaligned teeth as the root of the problem, TMJ treatment includes adjusting the bite, replacing missing teeth, filling gaps, etc. It varies from case to case. When a patient loses teeth and waits to replace them, teeth will start shifting together, causing an irregular alignment that puts more strain on the TMJ. When alignment correction or teeth replacement treatment is provided early on, though, many of these problems and much of this pain can be avoided.

Meridian Dental offers several options for teeth alignment or replacement, including:

Call our dentist office to learn more about these procedures and TMJ treatments. If TMD is left untreated for an extended period, surgery may be required.

Find Relief from Jaw Pain, Headaches, and other TMD Symptoms
Contact us at Meridian Dental and find the relief you’ve been seeking for your TMJ disorder symptoms! Work with our general and family dentist to find the best TMJ treatment to alleviate your pain. Visit our office located in Wasilla, AK or request an appointment online.

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