two dentists examine a dental x-ray to determine how to best give their patient affordable dental care even without insurance

Uninsured? Here’s Where to Go for Affordable Dental Care without Insurance

Finding an affordable dentist with no insurance shouldn’t be as frustrating as it often is. But many individuals find it difficult to get the dental care they need such as dental cleanings, yearly exams, and dental implants from a provider that accepts no insurance. What’s the solution? Patients without insurance can still receive the dental […]

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A dentist holds a model of a same-day dental crown

3 Reasons Why Same-Day Crowns May Be Right for You

If you’ve considered getting a tooth crown to replace a missing tooth or to protect one that’s weak or broken, why not get a same-day crown? These dental crowns are similar to traditional crowns in function, but don’t require sending a mold to a dental laboratory. Instead, dentists with this technology create the same-day crown […]

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