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Same Day Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

Do you need a crown? If you have a chipped or broken tooth, a crown can help restore the appearance of your smile. If you’re experiencing tooth decay, crowns are a solution when classic fillings aren’t possible.

There are many benefits of crowns. But one of the frustrating parts of getting a crown is the timeline associated with the process. It can require several visits to your dentist’s office and weeks of waiting.

If you’re nervous about the wait time associated with traditional crowns, same day crowns might be right for you. Keep reading below for a breakdown of same day crowns vs. traditional crowns.

What Is A Traditional Crown?

A traditional dental crown is a dental restoration that restores the appearance of a damaged tooth. You can think of it as a cap that fits over the tooth in question. Crowns are usually made of porcelain, resin-based composite, or ceramic.

Getting a crown is a multi-day process. You’ll need to get impressions taken, have your natural tooth shaped and filed, and get your crown installed. This typically requires at least two trips to your dentist.

You also need to factor in the time that it takes to create your custom-fit crown. This could take a few days or a few weeks, depending on your dentist’s backlog.

How Are Same Day Crowns Different?

The main difference between same day crowns vs. traditional crowns is obviously stated in their names: same day crowns are available in just one day.

This fast turnaround time is made possible by digital scanners and computer systems that can process data and manufacture a custom crown in mere minutes.

Which Option Should I Choose?

The crown you choose depends on your individual needs. If you suffered an injury that chipped or cracked a tooth, you might be in a rush to fix your tooth. If time is of the essence, a same day crown is probably the best choice for you.

If you want to save money on your crown, a traditional crown might be a better option. You pay a higher price for the convenience of a same day crown.

Because there are limited materials available for same-day manufacturing, traditional crowns may end up being stronger or longer-lasting than same day crowns. This is due to the high-quality materials that are used to craft traditional crowns.

Crowns in Your Area

There are pros and cons to all types of dental crowns, and only you can settle the same day crowns vs. traditional crowns debate for yourself. Consider your own needs and choose what’s best for you – no one option is better than the other!

At Meridian Dental, we’re happy to talk to you about your options. Whether you’re interested in same day crowns or want to consider a different approach, you’ll find nothing but support in our Wasilla office.

We want to empower our patients to take control of their oral health, and we’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Call us today!

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