A box of chocolate hearts with a red ribbon in the shape of a heart next to it for Valentine's Day

5 Unique Tips for Treating Your Teeth this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, give your teeth some lovin’. They deserve it, and so do you! When you treat your teeth right, they treat you right in return with a brighter smile and great-smelling breath. So be wise when it comes to how you celebrate this holiday, and use the helpful tips below so that you […]

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Man pointing to his chipped front tooth

What Happens When You Break, Chip, or Crack a Tooth?

Breaking a tooth or chipping it when eating something hard can be unnerving. After all, teeth are meant to be strong and last a lifetime, right? But sometimes accidents happen. In other cases, sometimes a wayward cavity can lead to extreme tooth decay that weakens structure. The good news here is that breaking, cracking, or […]

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Smiling woman holds up clear aligns and a mouth model with metal braces

3 Treatments for Straightening Teeth if You Don’t Want Metal Braces

While it’s common for teenagers to get metal braces, for adults it’s another story. Yet many adults who never had orthodontic treatments when they were younger, or whose teeth have moved out of alignment, may still want a way to straighten teeth without the stigma or hassle of traditional braces. Luckily, in today’s world with […]

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